NCARF needs your help!

Did you adopt a beagle through NCARF and want to give something back? Do you love beagles but can't have one?

You may be thinking that the only help we need is foster homes and that's not right for you (or you'd like to  learn more about it). Don't worry - there are plenty of other ways that we need your help!

On a regular basis, we need people to do the following:

  1. Be dog foster parents. Being a foster parent can be extremely rewarding.

    Job Requirements: room in your home for an extra dog, patience and some training knowledge to work through housebreaking/re-housebreaking issues. You must provide food, water and a warm place to sleep for the dog. And love.

    Do understand that foster dogs are not stuffed dogs -- they are real dogs with some real issues that may take some effort on your part to help them through. Please do not volunteer to foster unless you are willing to commit to fostering a dog for at least 2 weeks.

    Often new foster dogs are scared and need some gentle surroundings and a lot of love to come out of their shell. Average foster time is generally around 1-2 weeks for younger, healthy dogs but can range anywhere from 1 hour - 2 months. Often, we need emergency foster homes for 1-2 nights while we find a longer-term placement for a dog. If you aren't able to commit to long-term foster care, consider being a foster doggie hotel and helping out in short-term emergencies.

    Because NCARF works closely with an all-breed rescue group, we occasionally will take in other breeds of dogs, usually hounds of some variety (Walker hounds, basset hounds, etc...).
  2. Local Drivers: You'd be surprised at how many rides these little dogs need! Most of our foster homes work full-time and need some help getting fosters to the vet for exams or spay/neuter appointments. Most of this driving is in the San Jose/Cupertino area, some is also needed from Fremont-Santa Clara. No matter where you live, NCARF has a job for you!
  3. Longer-distance Drivers: Do you travel from Sacramento to the Bay Area? Are you headed to Fresno? To Pleasanton? If you have room for a beagle (or possibly another breed of dog) to hitch a ride, please contact us.
  4. Donations: Our foster homes always need food, collars, leashes, crates, brushes, medication and other dog-related products. If you have any of these things, new or used, please consider donating them to NCARF.

To volunteer, please email us at: