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California - Northern California Aug 20

We are always in need of foster homes to help us take in these precious dogs. If you have space in your home for one dog, please contact us so that we can go over the details. All medical expenses are covered for your foster dog if any is needed. Just provide a place to sleep in, food and water and especially lots of love and training.

Foster care can be short term as well or even long term. We have had some families adopt their foster dog after a few weeks. This is a great way to test to see if a dog is a great fit for you and your family.

Please contact Eva for more information. Thank you.

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California - Fremont March 1
Age: 15 yrs
Sex: male

Dixon is a 15 Years Young HURRICANE KATRINA SURVIVOR! He made it through the tough times only to be dumped as a senior at a local shelter. Dixon does well with other dogs and cats, too. He is potty trained and wants to be in a home where he can relax and enjoy his senior years with belly rubs and love.

Dixon is in pretty good shape for a super senior. He has a minor limp from arthritis, so he should not be taken on long walks or hikes, but he loves shorter walks in the neighborhood. He is on a liver healthy diet and hard of hearing. He is neutered, has all of his shots, a chip, and weighs in at 18 lbs. A perfect companion size!

We would love for Dixon to find a loving forever home to live out his golden years. A perfect home for him would be with an at home retired person who is looking for a loyal companion. He will go with you on car rides and sit next to you at home.

His foster mom Ellen can be reached by email.

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Contact Ellen at 408-250-0328 email:

California - Davis Aug 19
Age: 12 yrs
Sex: female

Jasmine is a sweet and quiet little girl. She has a beautiful thick soft coat and enjoys being petted. She does not seek too much human contact, but is content to lie on the same bed or couch with her human. She loves to bury herself in the pillows and blankets if allowed. Jasmine was with her original owner her whole life, but due to some housing issues, the owner needed to surrender her.

Just as many of us older girls, Jasmine is a little on the heavy side right now, but is quickly losing that extra weight with a closely watched feeding schedule.

Jasmine is house broken and can use a doggie door. She gets along fine with her two foster brothers, but does have a tendency to startle and then snarl a little bit. She may have some hearing loss and that is why she startles easily. She was used to be a single dog in her original home and so she would do fine being alone. Due to her tendency to snarl, families with small children are not recommended. Perhaps an older family would fall in love with Jasmineís sweet, slightly sad eyes.

Please contact Rhoda if you are interested in Jasmine.

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California - Sacramento Oct 2
Age: 8 yrs
Sex: male

Hi, New Friends. I just arrived in rescue after spending some time at a shelter. Thank goodness for these beagle rescue people giving guys like me another chance to find a good life. I'm 8 years old and feel like I'm in the prime of life. I'm chubby at 36 pounds, so now a diet has been forced upon me. Like most beagles, I love to eat.

My first stop after being sprung from the shelter was the vet office where I was checked out head to tail, made sure I was up to date on everything, plus I had a dental which resulted in some extractions. After all that, I came here to my foster home where I've adjusted very well. Mommy says that I've adjusted so well that it's now time to move on. Maybe I should have given her more trouble.

I do great with the other dogs here, but mostly I love people. I'll stick to you like glue if you'll let me. I do NOT like a crate, but who can blame me for that? I've spent too much time lately in a cage. I'm a good boy looking for a new family to love, people who know how to make a commitment to a guy like me. I'll stay committed to you all the rest of my days. If you feel the need for a lot of beagle love, please contact my foster mom Suzy to learn more about me.

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California - Fremont Aug 26
Research Beagles
Age: 5 yrs

We will receive into rescue more research beagles that are in need of homes. These beagles will need house training and would do best with in a home with another dog or someone that is home most of the day. You might want to consider two if you have the means to do so.

All the beagles will be neutered /spayed, have their basic vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies). You will need to have patience with them to introduce them to new sights and sounds. Since these beagles are young they will likely be playful and energetic.

If you are interested in possibly adopting a research beagle, I will be starting a waiting list if you meet the minimum requirements:

1. Already have another beagle or dog in the household or
2. Have someone at home to care for the young dog or
3. Have had previous experience with a beagle for training purposes.

NOTE: Only applications with the above minimum requirements will be considered.

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850 email:

California - Santa Cruz Oct 29
Age: 3 or 4 yr old
Sex: male

Lucaz is an affectionate, enthusiastic and charming beagle-dachshund mix. He is about 3 or 4 years old, weighs in at 18 pounds and, while it is difficult to believe given his energy level, Lucaz has a heart murmur. However, aside from taking medication daily, this does not impact his daily activities.

Lucaz is very well behaved, perfectly house broken and unlike most beagles, does not beg, explore the trash and rarely barks! Indeed, right now he is much more interested in cuddling or taking a walk; food or treats cannot compete with those endeavors. Even though he has great energy and curiosity, Lucaz is quite content to settle down on his bed or sit next to you awaiting his next adventure. And when we go out for a few hours, he is happy to remain in his crate.

Lucaz would be an ideal dog for a family; he is patient with children and other dogs. He is a wonderful little fellow and will make someone an ideal friend for life.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Lucaz.

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California - Alameda Aug 16
Age: 10 yrs
Sex: male

Hello to everyone. My name is Brewtus. I'm a 10-year-old, 15" beagle boy who is extremely handsome. Just check out my pictures. My owner became homeless and gave me to her friend who couldn't keep me so surrendered me to a shelter. I've been through a lot lately, but in spite of it all, I'm still a happy boy.

I'm a big boy at 37 pounds with not an ounce of fat on me. I'm muscular and can jump a 3-foot fence like I'm standing still. I don't even need a running start.

I'm also a very good boy. I don't bark a lot. At first I was a little afraid of the other dogs here and growled when they came close to me. After a day or two I decided they were good dogs, and now I like them. However, more than other dogs, I love people and would love to have a devoted person in my life because I'm a devoted beagle boy. I'm looking for a beagle savvy family to call my own.

If you want to be showered with affection by a handsome beagle boy, please contact my foster mom Eva to learn more about me.

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California - Concord June 20
Age: 10 yrs
Sex: male

Milo is 10 years young and is a very playful, sweet, and extremely affectionate beagle. Milo loves to be with his foster parents and does very well with the other two beagles in the home. Milo came into our care following his owners health decline and we are very grateful that Milo came our way so we could find him a new loving family all of his own. Milo's foster mom describes him as a great all around beagle who has a lot of energy without being hyper. He is loving and sweet and will be a loving loyal companion. Milo would do very well in a home with a family who loves beagles and with children who are a bit older. Milo is ready for a new home to call his own and please contact Eva if you would like to welcome sweet Milo into your home.

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California - Sacramento Nov 4
Age: 9-10 yrs
Sex: female

Hi out there! My name is Ginger, and I'm the new girl here. I'm a beagle mix and am 9-10 years old. I'm mostly white in color with some red patches. I'm a big girl weighing in the high 40's. I don't want you to think I'm fat, I'm just a big girl!

Nobody knows what my mix is, but whatever it is made me turn out to be a pretty girl. I'm good with the other dogs here. I don't especially like the tiny ones who get right in my face and snap at me, but I tolerate them, even when they don't have any manners.

I was a stray so no one knows much about me. Even why I was a stray is a mystery because I don't try to escape. I know to stay put when I have it good. Now I need to find a forever home where I can be loved like I deserve. I'm a sweet girl, just need to find some good people looking for a lot of beagle love.

Please contact my foster mom Suzy to learn more about me.

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California - Sacramento Aug 8
Age: 9 yrs
Sex: male

Hello to everyone out there. I'm the new guy here. My name is Butters. I'm a very handsome beagle boy age 9 years.

I had a family who loved me but couldn't take me with them when they moved.
They did the right thing and surrendered me to the good people here so I could find a new home. I consider myself lucky to have never been in a shelter.

I'm a very good boy ready to find a new family to love. I don't cause any trouble here and hardly ever bark. Mommy here says you'll never find a better boy than me, and I have to agree with her.

If you're looking for a mature boy to love, I'm ready to return all the love I have in my little beagle heart. Please contact my foster mom Suzy to learn more about me.

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California - San Jose Nov 15
Autumn - Adoption Pending
Age: 6yrs
Sex: female

Every breath you take, every move you make, every bite you take, Iíll be watching you.

One look at my curvaceous figure and youíll understand my immense appetite for food. I breathe noisily and grunt and snore like a pig. My foster parents think Iím the cutest thing! They are helping me slim down with a healthy diet of nutritious kibble and vegetable and fruit treats. Frozen green beans make tasty snacks!

I may love food but I absolutely adore my humans. Wherever you go, I must follow closely behind. One nod in my direction and Iíll come trotting over to you. I have several spots I like scratched but my favorite is under my neck and Iíll tap my paw feverishly like Thumper. Cuddling is so much fun and Iím happy to be your lap dog as long as youíd like.

I am housetrained, walk well on a leash, use the doggy door with ease and get along well with other dogs. I am just an overall perfect beagle girl.

If you are interested in a super sweet and loyal companion, please contact my foster mom, Lan, to learn how you can adopt me.

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California - San Jose Sept 11
Age: 4.5 yrs
Sex: male

Charlie is a super sweet, super friendly and handsome beagle. Heís a little longer and taller than the average beagle and looks like he could have some basset hound in him. Heís very interested in food (heís a beagle after all), loves going for walks and enjoys playing fetch! He enjoys the company of his human, and will follow you everywhere. In general he gets along fine with other dogs, but he does get a little possessive of his human when it comes to the other dogs. He also has some separation anxiety and will bark for a while after his human has left the house. Charlie knows Sit and walks very nicely on leash. The perfect home for Charlie would be one where is the only dog, and with someone who is at home a lot and is able to spend time on training with him. Charlie is up to date on his vaccinations and is chipped and ready to find his new family. If youíre interested in finding out more about Charlie, email Mandy.

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