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California - Fremont Oct 18
Age: 9.5 yrs
Sex: male

Nero is a sweet and friendly beagle that came our way after his owner was no longer able to care for him. He loves to be with people and enjoys the company of other dogs. Heís also on a little weight loss program as his has had a few too many treats along the way. Like all beagles, Nero will help himself to seconds and thirds when food is around and he will need an owner who is mindful of only feeding him when itís mealtime. Once Nero loses some weight he will receive a dental cleaning and we are looking for a new home in the San Jose or surrounding area as he will have his dental done at the vet that we use in San Jose. Nero is a sweet and loving beagle and please contact Linea if you would like to welcome this guy into your home.

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California - San Jose Oct 6
Ralph - Adoption Pending
Age: 14 yrs
Sex: male

I am a senior lemon beagle with dashing good looks and a sweet disposition. I just had a dental cleaning and some fatty tumors removed but otherwise, am healthy and happy.

I enjoy leisurely strolls, sniffing curious scents and luxuriating in lazy naps throughout the day. Toys arenít interesting to me but boy, do I love food! Though I love the comforts of a couch, I canít resist the allure of delicious aromas in the kitchen. I stay especially close when my foster parents cook to keep an eye out for falling crumbs.

Even when they arenít near food, I love being close to my foster parents. I like it when they rub my ears and speak softly to me. Sometimes I like to speak back, especially when Iím hungry or looking for a snack. It makes my foster parents laugh when I tap my feet, sway side to side and try to talk.

I am house broken, get along well with other dogs, know basic commands, walk nicely on a leash and use a dog door with ease.

I am looking for a family that will appreciate a mellow and low maintenance older dog. Treat me with love and kindness and in return, youíll have my unwavering loyalty. If you can offer this to me, please contact my foster mom, Lan, to learn how you can adopt me.

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Contact Lan email: