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California - Northern California Sept 4

We are always in need of foster homes to help us take in these precious dogs. If you have space in your home for one dog, please contact us so that we can go over the details. All medical expenses are covered for your foster dog if any is needed. Just provide a place to sleep in, food and water and especially lots of love and training.

Foster care can be short term as well or even long term. We have had some families adopt their foster dog after a few weeks. This is a great way to test to see if a dog is a great fit for you and your family.

Please contact Eva for more information. Thank you.

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California - Sacramento Jan 17
Age: 7-8 yrs
Sex: female

Sweet Missy ended up in a shelter through no fault of her own. After being found as a stray she was taken to the shelter and her owner did not come forward to claim her. Thankfully the shelter contacted us for assistance and we were able to quickly take her into our care. Missy is doing very well in her foster home and loves to be with people. After she came our way she had a dental and in addition, she is completely vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative), and has a microchip. Missy is a beagle mix and is estimated at between 7 – 8 years of age. She is a very sweet dog and will be a loving, loyal companion. Please contact Eva if you would like to welcome Missy into your home.

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California - Mountain View Feb 6
Age: 11 yrs
Sex: female

“Star-girl” as we have been calling her, is simply a sweet, super calm, easy going, non-demanding, total companion, love bug beagle. She is a super ‘star’ when it comes to beagles.

She has come from a home where she was raised and dearly loved until her owner passed away a few years ago. She went to family members who were very well intentioned but just not a good fit for her. She was mainly outside and in the garage, not so much a part of the inside family. She seemed lonely but since she has been with us, she is fully assimilated back to inside life and is absolutely loving life.

We have had her for a few months now and she is just the best house guest ever. Even though she’s a senior, she still has bursts of fun, she loves to chase balls and even plays with our part time resident 9-month-old little puppy. Then she goes right back to napping or hanging outside in the sunshine. She will follow you around from room to room just to hang out. She doesn’t get on the furniture or climb counters. She will bark occasionally just because she wants to be part of the conversation. But not to be annoying. Pay a little attention and then she is happy and walks away. Of course, fully housebroken, uses the dog door. Occasionally will explore the trash cans – but she is a beagle after all!

She gets along with everyone! People and pups alike. She is in good health for a girl her age and has had a complete check up.

Make Star the ‘star’ of your home! You won’t be disappointed. Call Cynthia for more information.

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Contact Cynthia at 650-940-1067

California - Point Richmond Dec 7
Cam and Gracie
Age: 5 yrs

Gracie and Cam are siblings and have always lived together. They are friendly, outgoing, social, happy dogs! These two charmers, who are a bonded pair, want nothing but to please everyone and each other. Cam and Gracie love to cuddle, kiss and play together. They would love a family that can give them lots of affection and would do well with children of any age. They will be an amazing addition to any active, fun-loving human family

Cam is a 5-year-old neutered male who is easy going, still has his puppy energy, and loves most people. He is the type of boy who loves his sister and looks out for her. Cam seems to have a little more energy than Gracie but still would not require a high amount of activity. He is super friendly, loves giving you kisses and will great you with a typical beagle howl/bay. He does well with other dogs as long as they aren’t’ overly alpha. He is very gentle with babies and toddlers.

Gracie is a 5-year-old spayed beagle. She is the type of girl who loves to be loved. She loves her brother but is also people oriented. Give her some pets and the look in her eyes will tell you how much she appreciates you. When she sees you, she will greet you with a typical beagle howl/bay. She is super friendly and she is very good with babies, children, and people of all ages. She is dog friendly as well.

$850 adoption fee for the pair.

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Contact Meg at 510-900-2275 email:

California - Clearlake Feb 14
Age: 2.5 yrs
Sex: female


Daisy is 2 ˝ years old and is a blue tick hound. She is great with people, other animals, and also enjoys the company of dog savvy cats. Daisy is described as a giant goof ball that needs some refinement. She is all hound, young and playful, and full of mischief. She is a very strong dog who has the classic hound dog bay. Daisy’s owner wants only the best for her with hound experienced people who enjoy all that a blue tick hound has to offer with their size and loud booming voice. Daisy is a sweet, friendly, wonderful dog with loads of potential.

If you have hound experience and would like to adopt Daisy, please contact Eva.

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California - Fremont Feb 20
Fifi -Adoption Pending
Age: 6yrs
Sex: female

FiFi is a six-year-old female beagle that weighs 27 pounds. She is well mannered, loving and has a great disposition. Her owner had to give her up because he had too many dogs to care for and realized that he should Find homes for several of them.
She was well cared for and loved....

Since Fifi has always had the companionship of another dog it would be ideal if she could find a home where she would have a brother or sister to share her life with. She is crate trained, housebroken, rides well in the car and it probably wouldn’t take her long to figure out a doggie door. If you would like additional information on her please contact Linea.

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850

California - Los Gatos Dec 29
Age: 8 yrs
Sex: female

My name is Kensie and I'm a 8 year old beaglier (Beagle-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix) girl. I definitely act like a hound dog except I do not know how to howl! I love to go on long walks so I can smell every single leaf and watch squirrels and birds. I will do anything for food and love rough-housing with my favorite kong toys. When I am not out exploring during a walk, I love to cuddle with my owners and prefer a quiet home without kids or other animals. I get very anxious around children, other animals and very loud noises. I always sleep in my crate at night, but love to nap on the couch with my owners.

I know how to sit, stay and lay down, but I definitely perform better when treats are involved! I am potty trained but do have accidents when I get very excited. This started happening after I herniated a disc in my back. My back is all better now, but my owners don't let me jump off of high objects in order to protect my back. I am up to date on all of my vaccinations. Please contact Angie if you would like to meet me!!

Kensie's owner is asking for a $100.00 donation to NorCal Beagle Rescue for her adoption fee. You can contact Angie.

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Contact Angie at 408.391.1503 email: