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California - Northern California Sept 4

We are always in need of foster homes to help us take in these precious dogs. If you have space in your home for one dog, please contact us so that we can go over the details. All medical expenses are covered for your foster dog if any is needed. Just provide a place to sleep in, food and water and especially lots of love and training.

Foster care can be short term as well or even long term. We have had some families adopt their foster dog after a few weeks. This is a great way to test to see if a dog is a great fit for you and your family.

Please contact Eva for more information. Thank you.

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California - Sacramento Nov 8
Age: 10-12 yrs
Sex: male

Please meet Blake! This sweet soul came our way after ending up in a shelter. Thankfully, the shelter staff contacted us along with many kind hearted people who learned that Blake was sitting in a shelter. Blake is now safely in our care and is doing very well. He has received a long overdue dental cleaning and had a small growth removed. Although in his golden years, Blake is doing very well and we are so thankful he has come our way. Blake has a very sweet and friendly disposition and is a loving, loyal companion. He is a wonderful beagle and is ready for a home that will love and spoil him like he so deserves. Blake does well with other dogs although being an only dog would be just fine with him as long as his new family had a flexible schedule. Like all beagles, he loves to be with people. Please contact Eva if you would like to welcome Blake into your home.

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California - Fremont Dec 14
Research Belagle - Adoption Pending
Age: 6 mos

We will be getting a male and female research beagle this Friday. They will be spayed and neutered prior to adoption, as well as be micro-chipped and up to date on shots.

Research beagles are incredibly good-nature but need a little bit of TLC to get them adjusted to life in the big, wide world. They do best in a home with either a stay at home parent or with another canine buddy or two to show them the ropes of how to become a real dog. They may not know how to play with toys at first or know how to walk on grass but they pick it up very quick!

If you would like to be considered for adopting one of these special beagles, please fill out the Online Adoption Application (link below). We generally have a huge response when these beagles are available and do our best to find the best home for their unique needs.

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California - Sacramento June 22
Princess Paisley
Age: 10-11 yrs
Sex: female

Princess aka Princess Paisley came to rescue after being taken to a shelter in Nevada when the people who were caring for her no longer wanted her. After her owner had passed away she was taken in by a family whose small children were not too kind and after some time her second family took her to a shelter as they no longer wanted her. Thankfully, we were informed of Princess Paisley’s need for assistance and within a week’s time she was officially with Beagle Rescue! Once she came our way she was spayed, had her vaccines updated, and also had a much needed dental. She is now in her foster home where she is being treated with love and kindness like she so deserves.

Princess Paisley loves to be with her foster mom and would do the very best with someone who has a very flexible schedule or who is retired. She also would do best as an only dog, where she would be spoiled, loved, and given kindness at every opportunity. She is also pretty nervous around children given her past experiences so a home without children is a must for this sweet beagle. Princess Paisley is very sweet and will be perfect for someone who is looking for a devoted companion.

Please contact Eva if you are able to open your heart and your home to Princess.

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California - Davis Feb 23
Age: 11 yrs
Sex: female

Jasmine is a sweet and silly little girl. She has a beautiful thick soft coat and enjoys being petted. She loves to bury herself in the pillows and blankets if allowed. Typically, near the end of a nice walk, Jasmine loves to stop and roll around in the nice soft grass. You can just see the pure joy on her face while she does this. Jasmine was with her original owner her whole life, but due to some housing issues, the owner needed to surrender her.
Just as many of us older girls, Jasmine is a little on the heavy side right now, but is quickly losing that extra weight with a closely watched feeding schedule.

Jasmine is house broken and can use a doggie door. She gets along fine with her two foster siblings and other dogs she meets at the dog park. She was used to be a single dog in her original home and so she might be okay being alone part of the day. Due to her tendency to startle when touched while she's sleeping, families with small children are not recommended.

If you would like to learn more about Jasmine, please contact foster mom Rhoda.

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