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Brucey's New Life

Hi Guys! NorCal Beagle RescueIt's me, Bruce! Or "munchkin" or "little stinker" as my Mommy calls me; I have many lovable nicknames. Life has been great for me with my Mommy and Daddy.

Life has been great for me with my Mommy and Daddy. For starters, I'm in the best shape of my life! My Mommy loves to stay in shape too, so I get to walk, run and hike with her frequently. I have a big yard, tons of toys- I especially love my

dinosaur and my teddy, but we all call her my "girlfriend." I have gourmet treats and my Daddy is really good at teaching me new tricks.

My Daddy works from home so I am never alone, it's the best! I also have wonderful aunts and uncles that love me lots too. It's so good to finally feel loved. My Mommy says she loves me at least 20 times a day!

Did I mention my new sleeping arrangements? My Mom and Dad have a king size bed and guess what? I sleep with them, head on pillows with my little beagle boy body under the covers. My Mommy always tells me I am handsome and that I take after Daddy, but I am a lemon beagle, a lighter haired beagle so I take after my Mommy in that department. Man oh man, I just feel so lucky to have been adopted by my Mom and Dad, even though they think they are the lucky ones...

They had some issues with me at first; I can be a little naughty with other dogs, but my parents are patient and are teaching me good manners and I get better every day. I am also a well traveled Beagle. My Mommy missed her family back east so my Daddy was nice enough to drive cross country with me, so I could come too!

Mommy hates to leave my side. I frolicked on the beaches of Cape Cod, and even visited my Auntie's brand new doggy day camp and spa! It was a great trip. I got to meet my grandpa in Massachusetts and he took me to golfing. Then I met my great grammy! She is the best too, she sent me toys and treats for Christmas before she even met me! I even got to hang out with my cousin Bruno! Another fellow beagle boy. Then, I went to Minnesota and met my Daddy's Mom, then off to Colorado to meet my other Grandpa. I basically met the entire extended family.

NorCal Beagle Rescue

So, as you can see, I'm a happy boy! Mommy tells me that she is going to get me a sister soon and I told her she better rescue a real deserving beagle from your website, and she promised to do so. Well, that's it for now. It's time to watch a movie with my Mom and Dad. 


Little Miss Mia

It has been about a year since we adopted Mia. Susan Bouclin out of Sacramento was her foster parent.  We have another Beagle named Trotter that we adopted when he was 8 weeks old and we with both of us working, we wanted Trotter to have a friend.  It started out a little rough! After going through potty training and a few chewed up base boards, Mia finally came around. She was so scared and skittish when we got her. Now, she initiatesNorCal Beagle Rescue playtime and loves being chased around the house. Mia is definitely a people dog. She loves her people, especially kids!  As Susan knows, the first couple of months were tough! But, we are so happy that we stuck it out with her because she is just the sweetest pup that anyone could ask for! 

Mary, Gary, Trotter, and Mia!


Max's Story

NorCal Beagle RescueHi! I'm Max, and I was adopted by the Dhillon family in June of 2009. When I first got to my new home, I was scared and excited. You see, this was my fourth home, and I wasn't even one year old yet! I wasn't sure if I would be here for long, so I tried not to get too comfortable. My family provided me with all the love I could ever ask for and eventually, I realized that this was my permanent home.

I'm living the good life. I get to lounge poolside and have all the space a dog could ever want. Every morning, either my mommy or daddy takes me for nice long walk, and when I get back I get lots of love from my brother and two sisters (they're human). Then I get to take a nice long nap. As soon as that's done, I play tug-of war, fetch, or any other exciting activity with my family and then its time for bed, I used to sleep with my sister, then I slept with my mom and dad until I realized I was happier downstairs in the comfort of my very own crate.

My family found me a bit naughty. I would jump on the couch, steal shoes or laundry, and tear up my bed. So one day, my daddy took me to Petsmart and signed me up for puppy training classes. There I met lots of new friends. Some of them were a little rude, but I learned to get along with them and my behavior really improved. I learned to sit, stay, leave it, and so many other exciting tricks. My favorite one was when I gave my paw to someone, because my mommy thought it was adorable and always gave me extra treats when I did it. I do admit that I'm still a little naughty, but at least I'm not as bad as I was before. 

I love my life here at the Dhillon household. I get love, care, and best of all.... Bacon in my food!! (Only when I'm good of course!) My family spoils me a whole lot, though. Daddy lets me sit by him on the couch and we watch the baseball game together, and Mommy picks me up and cuddles with me. I love her so much, even though I get a little annoyed when she fusses over my soft ears. The kids, who I call my siblings, give me lots of treats even when my daddy says that  I will get fat. But I don't need to worry about that since everyday I go on a long walk. Anyways, I couldn't have asked for a better family and a better place to live. Even though I have had so  many owners in the past year, I know that this time, I am here to stay!!!

Little Miss Lola

NorCal Beagle Rescue

Maksy's Story

We adopted our beagle Maksy from NORCAL Beagle rescue in August. We weren't sure about what kind of dog we wanted but we did have a list of requirements.

Having a 5 year old and living in a town home posed certain restrictions on us. We contacted several rescues but Pearl from NORCAL was the first one to return our call. She questioned us in depth about our situation and told us that she would contact us as soon as the right dog came along. It took 2-3 weeks and we were getting a little impatient but Pearl kept in touch with us and indeed when she did find a dog- what a great fit he was!

Maksy is the BEST dog ever. He is great with our son, barely barks, loves everyone. He is a fast learner as well. We are soooo glad we waited!

I just wanted to give a testament to all of Pearl's hardwork. She continued to support us even after we legally adopted Maksy. She is a truly dedicated and passionate Foster Mom. Thank you Pearl for helping us find a perfect family member!

Little Miss Sunshine

NorCal Beagle RescueHi, My name is Sunshine and was adopted from Beagle Rescue. My Mom saw may face and fell in love. I met my sister Nicky at the dog park to make sure I would get along with her and we boy we really hit it off. She was part Chow but I liked her anyway and we became good pals.

I am the queen of my castle now and Nicky has gone to doggy heaven so my Mom got me a new sister named Emma who is a Beagle also. I wasn't too sure about Emma because she was only 8 weeks old when she came home and I didn't know what to think about her so I just kind of looked at her once in awhile. Boy I had to teach that new puppy Emma everything. How to howl and how to chase things and how to scratch on the back door when she wants to go outside. I was a good teacher and she turned out pretty good and we are great pals now. I watch over her when we take a walk so no other dogs get any ideas. Emma and I even started boxing and we really like that, it is so much fun. When we stop for a couple of seconds Mom goes ding ding ding and we start all over again.

NorCal Beagle RescueMom and Dad took us to the Ocean for the first time and that was a lot of fun. We drug Dad all over the beach so we could sniff and stick our paws in the water. Some lady there asked if we were fixed because she had a boy beagle with her and she said we were such good looking girls she wanted to know if she we were able to have puppies and my Mom told her that we were both fixed and no puppies for us. Yikes! Thanks Mom.

I am happy with my family and we go for walks and car rides and my sister Emma and I are spoiled rotten and that's just the way we like it. Thank you Karen for taking such good care of me until my Mom found me and took me home. Beagle Rescue is a great place for a dog until they find a good home like mine.  

NorCal Beagle Rescue            

Sweet Carly

Carly - Nor Cal Beagle RescueCarly came into my life about 2 years ago after I lost my little beagle mix, Denali. Denali was very sick and much of my time was consumed tending to her health needs. When she passed I thought I would take some time to myself for about a year. Maybe travel a bit. A couple of months later I saw Carly's picture on the Northern California Beagle Rescue website and I couldn't resist. Adopting Carly was the best decision I could have made!

Carly is my first tri-pod pet and I wasn't sure what that would mean but was ready for anything. For the most part it meant that I had to adjust because she was doing just fine. In fact she's more than fine. Carly is strong, fast and agile! Her days now are filled with walks in the park and along bike trails. She's a gopher hunting machine and likes to chase squirrels. Everyone knows Carly along our walking routes and those in businesses will often come out to say "hello" as we pass by. Someone came up to us one day and stated, "I heard about your dog!" so she's quite the buzz around town.

When she's not walking and gopher hunting, Carly spends her days playing with her toys and nestled on her favorite couch or leather chair napping the day away. I feel so lucky to have her in my life!



Miss Betsy Lou

On December 5, 2009 I adopted my beloved Chiweenie, Betsy Lou, from Norcal Beagles. Suzy held her for me for at least 6 weeks until we moved into our new home where we could have her. At the time we guessed she was about 1.5 years old. We have since moved to Illinois but Betsy Lou is the best dog in the world. 

In September, 2010, she jumped from the bed and was paralyzed in her back legs. I got her the surgery and it was the best money I ever spent. She's as good as new and she's still my best friend. I can't imagine what would have happened to her if you hadn't taken her from the shelter she was in after she was found wandering the fields of Sacramento.  She's second in my heart only to my son.  

- Nancy Smego




We got Abby 7 months ago. She was a research dog. I already had two beagles one was 2yrs old and the other is 10 yrs old. I felt so bad for the 2yr old Beagle who just wanted to play and have a pal but the older dog would not have anything to do with her. I decided to contact the rescue beagle sight and see if I could find a 2yr old for my other dog to pal around with. When someone contacted me they told me they had a female 2yr old rescue dog available. We went to see her, she was beautiful and we were not coming home without her! We named her Abby, she was withdrawn, scared, and would not sleep in a bed, or lay on a blanket. She was afraid of the grass outside and all the noises. She never saw grass or outside she only knew concrete floors and cages.

After a week of getting in the doggie bed with her :-) She finally started to sleep in her bed. Its been a great 7 months and every day she surprises me with something new. She now knows what treats are and loves them :-) she plays and plays with our other dog and they chase each other all over the house. We also take her hiking and she loves the trails and going through the water. Although we can still see signs of where she came from, she is the most lovable, happy dog now.

Her new bed is at the foot of mine :-) We are so happy we rescued a dog instead of bought a puppy, I will never do anything but rescue dogs ever again. I attached a few pics of Abby hiking with me (on the left) and one of her playing with Cali her new friend and pal.




We are so grateful for our dog Mikey that we adopted from NorCal in fall 2015. Rhoda was his foster mom. Mikey is an easy, sweet soul. He's always happy and gets along with everyone, he befriends everyone he meets. Thank you NorCal :)




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