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A Lovely Beagle Girl Named Lady

Sometime in 2004, I received a message regarding an adult female beagle that needed to be surrendered. Her elderly owner had been experiencing some major health issues and would be going to live in Southern California with her relatives there. Lady was temporarily going to be staying with some other relatives in the East Bay until another home could be found for her. She was described as an active and loving 6 1/2 yr. old beagle, and we were sure that she would be a cinch to place in a caring home – that is, until we first saw her.

Lady was born as a healthy, normal beagle pup - playful and full of energy. However, over the past year before we met her, she experienced great difficulties. Her elderly owner had dementia and was unable to properly care for her. We heard that Lady had been left in a crate for hours on end and was fed anything but nutritional food, mostly hot dogs. Unfortunately, her family was too far away to know what was happening. As a result of a dangerous diet and cramped quarters, she developed what is called Collapsed Carpi Syndrome (CCS), also known as "down in the pasterns". This rare condition is usually seen in puppies as a genetic disorder and is more or less correctable through diet and nutritional supplements. In an adult dog, this is the extremely rare result of poor nutrition and can be somewhat bettered through diet changes and supplements, but often this is simply not enough to correct the joint deformity. Below is a picture of Lady’s disfigured legs.

My husband and I were amazed as we saw this beautiful girl dragging herself towards us, eager for a belly rub and a kind word. She was so sweet and happy, not seeming to mind at all that she could barely move herself a few feet. We were determined to help her somehow. Tipping the scale at 42 lbs., she definitely needed to shed some weight. A wonderful long-term foster home was found for her and she spent the next 6 months eating better and getting regular exercise – she even lost 20 lbs. Her legs were still deformed and her front paws are floppy at the joint but she manages a sort of scoot/walk which is a definite improvement from dragging herself with her front legs.

Little Lady had to undergo many tests and several surgeries to help her walk upright again. Our vet generously donated his time and resources to help Lady and made it his personal mission to help better her condition, however long that might take. She does take pain medication as her bones grind on each other when she walks and the vet suggested wrapping her ‘elbows’ when she is out on the pavement.

Lady was permanently adopted by her foster parents and has become a wonderful part of their family. They continue to explore options with the vet to help her. She is so happy and has been a joy to watch over the years.





We had been without a dog since the summer of 2005. Lady, our Labrador-mix, had been put down due to illness and old age. At the time, we had no intention of getting another dog. For the first time in ten years, there was no dog poop in the backyard and no dog hair on our clothes. That part was nice. However, we missed the sound of happy barking, the comfort, and the love that Lady had provided for so many years. In the fall, Dad started talking about beagles and the possibility of getting one through a rescue organization. I wasn’t even sure what a beagle looked like. Of course, I found out, after Mandy was brought home. Even though she was full grown, she seemed so small compared to Lady and she was afraid of everyone.

We weren’t told much about her. We know she’d been in other homes and none had worked out. We were her last chance.
Mandy is so beautiful, with her sad eyes and soft coat. Some of her favorite things to do include ripping the squeakers out of her squeaky toys, sitting by “the box” (the refrigerator), looking out the window, following us around the house, sniffing about the yard, sleeping in while we get ready, going on walks, and riding in the car. She’s a typical beagle who loves to play and really loves to eat. Her walk is dainty, but proud. She’s happiest when we are together.
We no longer miss the sound of happy barking because Mandy provides plenty of it, along with comfort and love. She will for many years, just as Lady did, and for that we are grateful. We love her so much!

-Amy Welch



Hi my name is Borris and I’m 2 years old. In February 2008, my future parents first saw me at Petsmart, in Milpitas, during Beagle adoption day. They asked me to sit and I sat politely. My new parents had to wait a couple of months until they could bring me home, because they were going to move into a house in Hayward. But, they did visit me every Monday at my foster parents (Mike and Judy) home in San Jose. In April 2008, I left my foster parents, but was very thankful to have them, and I went home with my new family.

My new home is a cool place. The neighborhood has rabbits! I love to “play” with Rabbits. Only thing though is that I don’t think it’s fair that I have to be on a leash, when I want to chase them so bad! But I have chased a couple of things in the backyard. I got to chase a squirrel and a mouse! I share the house with two fish. I tried to grab them but my parents told me to stop.

I’m very spoiled! I have a lot of toys! I attended Beaglefest last summer and I even won a prize! My dad and I won 1st prize in the Father/Beagle lookalike contest!

My parents love football and hockey so they’ve bought me jerseys. I was supposed to be Batman for Halloween but my legs were too short for the costume. So they bought me Dracula for next Halloween.

I get a lot of exercise by my parents (But even better, I get a lot of treats from my grandparents!). They bring me to Doggie Day Camp at Petsmart, in Fremont, at least twice a month. Although I’m only a 15 inch Beagle, they have put me in the big dog area! I always bring home a good report card.

I have two “uncles” that live in Tracy. One is named Pete – he is a Basenji and the other is Sammy – he is a Border Collie Mix. I visit them from time to time and I love to run around the backyard. The best part about visiting them is that my grandma here also gives me lots of treats!

I love to go “bye bye”. I carry my leash to the door. My mommy’s SUV has a subwoofer and I use it as a pedestal. I get to see all the cars and people walk around. I love to bark at motorcycles. I love to help cook. I love to help clean the kitchen floor. I love to chase water from a hose. I love to sit on Santa Claus. I love kids. I love to cuddle!

Do I ever get in trouble? That’s a hard one.

For the first few months, I used to jump on the dining room table. There were apples up there. So I grabbed one and took it outside for snack. It was sour. So I spit it out. My parents figured that I didn’t like apples, so they sprayed “Sour Apple” on things I wasn’t supposed to chew on, like furniture. However, I did get my share of chewing slippers, shoes, hats, and my dad’s wallet (which I had to buy him for x-mas since I destroyed it).

I wasn’t supposed to dig either. But I couldn’t help it. Once, I dug about 3 holes, rolled around in it and came inside the house muddy. They were mad while they were cleaning me off. But I did help my daddy put new sod a couple of months ago.

Overall, I’ve had a blast with my new family and I am really glad they adopted me. It’s been a great year!


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