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Here are a few true stories of successful adoptions. If you've adopted a beagle from NCBR and would like to share it, please e-mail us!

Sweet Pea

Hi! My name is Sweet Pea.
I'm a beagle who can't see.

At 6 years old I was dropped off at the pound.
But Beagle Rescue adopted me and soon a new home was found.

I like all my toys and love to play tug,
But most of all I like to cuddle up and get a hug.

I got placed in a home with another blind beagle
And it wasn't long before my new family made my adoption legal.

So please don't ever underestimate dogs that have no eyes.
Because blind dogs see with their hearts (it tells no lies).

Luckily for me my story had a happy ending.
So lots of love to NorCal Beagle Rescue I am sending.

Boomer's Story

My first year with my new adopted brother Jake, Aunt Mosey and my new Mom.

I've been pretty busy, learning the household routine and Oh yeah, apparently there IS a BIG difference between a rule and a suggestion (Mom makes rules).

We get to ride in the truck when mom goes to the store, Jake likes to bark but Mosey and I like to watch all the people and other dogs in the neighborhood.

Sometimes our friends come over to play, I like the kids - they always have snacks and like to share. Young Sonia calls me "Boomer Dude", so now my nick name is "Boo-doo". Our friend Buster is the biggest dog I've ever seen, a real nice guy though and I think it's good to have a REALLY big friend - just in case...

Summer is my favorite time, lots of play time, we get to play in our pool, I like to run big circles with Jake and then dive in, it makes a really big splash and feels cool. Pretty soon it will be cold again and we'll get to play in the house because of the rain (if we aren't too rowdy). I don't mind the rain, I like to play in the mud, but thunder is pretty scary and I need to hide if it's close by.

I've learned lots of stuff from Jake this year, like for instance, all the really great places to smell and roll on in the yard and the importance of patrolling and remaining vigilant at the fence. It's our job to alert Mom and Mosey to any intruder, especially cats.

Jake also taught me not to eat the flowers or dig (mom will yell), the proper way to "sit" for treats and not to mess with the bees because they STING and I would have to go to the doctor for a shot. Jake also warned me about the cat that lives in the garage, boy does she have an attitude! One little sniff and she pulls out a claw - SCRATCH! I only wanted to sniff her butt and chat about cat stuff.

Aunt Mosey is a Senior and a bit cranky, sometimes she yells at us if we wake her from her nap, so we try not to bother her (usually). If I'm quiet she will let me lay down next to her so I guess it means she thinks I'm "OK".

My favorite time is when we sit together on the couch watching T.V., we all like the "Animal Planet", lots of stories and stuff about dogs.

The best thing I learned this year is that even if life starts out a little rough, don't give up, because there are still people and dogs who will love you and want you to be part of their home.

Boomer (AKA "Boo-doo")

Two Happy Tails Make One Complete Family

My husband, Chris, and I had been married not quite a year and a half when we decided that it was time to expand our family. No, not with children, but with a wonderful beagle! We both had grown up with dogs and had a real affinity for them.

After investigating what type of dog would make a good fit for us, we decided to get a beagle that had been released from medical research. The size and color of beagles, their inquisitive nature coupled with their intelligence, and their friendly dispositions made us feel that a beagle would be the right breed for us. We also wanted to do something altruistic in rescuing a dog that had come out of medical research.

On December 21, 2004, our dream finally came true. Northern California Beagle Rescue had gotten an influx of beagles released from medical research, and we drove to the home of a volunteer on a cold Tuesday evening to see the dogs. We walked into Linea’s courtyard and saw a playful group of beagles bounding all over the place. Our hearts were captured. Two of the dogs in particular caught our eye. They had been given temporary names of Eggnog and Elf, reflecting the holiday spirit. Elf was a bit smaller with a white spot on the back of his neck. He seemed a little more subservient. Eggnog had a white streak running from his snout up to his eyes. We debated the merits of the two dogs and ultimately picked Elf.

However, as soon as we announced our choice and Linea began filling out the paperwork, Eggnog came over and started licking my hand as if to say “take me, take me.” I started begging Chris to let us get two dogs, but we agreed that it would be easier to train and work with the dog if we just had one- at least initially. So Elf came home with us that night and fit into our lives and our hearts as if he had always been there. We renamed him Percy. My maiden name started with a “P” and, growing up, my family had a tradition of naming all of our dogs with this letter to honor our last name. Although I changed my last name when I married Chris, I wanted to continue that naming tradition to reflect where I came from. So Percy it was.

Many months went by and Chris and I continued to debate the advantages of getting a second dog. We knew that beagles did better in pairs as they preferred the companionship and, therefore, we kept an eye on the Northern California Beagle Rescue website. Imagine our surprise when we saw Eggnog posted there again in late June of 2005! It seemed to be fate. I nervously put in a call to Eva, who now was the contact point for Eggnog. I knew in my heart that we had to have this dog, but worried that things might somehow fall through. Eva explained that Eggnog had not found a good match with the family who initially adopted him. Evidently, the family allowed their toddler to pull Eggnog’s ears and tail and basically torment the poor guy. I was heartbroken to learn that he had been bounced around among four homes in the last six months. Thinking back to the night when Eggnog had given my hand sweet kisses, I knew that this was a chance to make things right. I was confident that this was the same dog we had seen in December, and so was my husband. The name was the same, he looked the same, and his picture even showed him sitting on Linea’s tile!

Since Eggnog now lived outside of Sacramento, the only way for there to be a photo of him at Linea’s house was if he had been there before. Chris, Percy, and I made the drive to Eva’s house near Sacramento to see if we wanted to take Eggnog home for a sleepover. Of course there was no question in my mind that he would be coming home with us for good! In early July we brought Eggnog back with us and completed our happy family. We live for and love our boys, who bring us so much joy everyday. Percy and Peagle (formerly Eggnog) are great dogs and we are delighted to have brought these brothers together for a happy ending for all.

Beagle #7

I was beagle #7. I lived in a cage for two years while they did research on me. I think I am normal after the ordeal, but my mother assures me that I am indeed special, actually she says I am extraordinary.

I got sprung from the clink and sent to a foster home. In fact, I moved into two other foster homes in a short period of time. I tried to be the best beagle boy I could. The problem with this is that as a research dog I really didn't know exactly how to be a "beagle boy" at all. That's when I decided that I need to take charge and pick the place that I wanted to live forever.

So, I chose a funny looking friend of one of the foster homes that I stayed at. This funny looking friend took a shining to me. Now it may sound funny, but it's the honest truth, she doesn't like dogs. But... she did like me.

Her house wasn't like the others. She had no one home during the day, there was another dog, but I didn't have to entertain her, and I only had two rules: 1. no chewing, 2. no using the bathroom in the house. My foster parents agreed that since I was a socially awkward dog, I should have a socially awkward owner. My new mommy promptly changed my name to Wilson (Willie) Lucas, then introduced me to the world.

I knew nothing about noise, people, treats, toys, eating off a fork, snuggling, kisses, and walk, but believe me I have learned. What a grand time I have had. I don't always follow the two rules, but I know she loves me anyway. I used to be scared of things, unsure of what they meant and what would happen to me. Mommy taught me that new things aren't bad.

I came to my new house at the beginning of May. My granny came to be with me while I mastered the rules well enough to be unattended. She taught me the benefits of people food. Now I eat off a fork like a big boy.
The other thing I get to do is walkies. I get on my red outfit and it's like I'm in heaven. All sorts of scents, sounds, and people waiting for me. When I first would go for walks I kept rotating my head just to see it all. I can't believe what i missed during those years in the cage. I'm seeing it all now though. I cry in the evening if mommy dawdles taking me for my walk. I always win, and out we go. I have some catching up to do and I think she understands.

Did I tell you I have a queen size bed? I do, it's all mine, but I let mommy sleep there too, not foster beagles though. They have to sleep on the floor like dogs when they are at my house. Can you believe it... "my house" I said, I do have a house. It's mine.

On special days mommy takes me to Doggie Disneyland park. There are all sorts of dogs there running and playing. I like to be the hound I am and sniff every square inch of the place. If mommy is out of town I put on my hang dog face and can talk my cousin into taking me. I can't believe how these people give into me.

Sometimes they still say the "NO" word to me. You know what I do? I play dumb. I act like I don't know that I have done anything wrong, and soon the kisses and forgiveness follows.

This place they call the burbs really is paradise for those of us that have seen life on the other side of the bars. I don't always mind, but it's like I read "One wonders what would happen in a society in which there were no rules to break. Doubtless everyone would quickly die of boredom." Not me...I'm free. I have loved every minute of life at my new home.

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