Beagle FAQ's

Some facts about beagles

There are some facts that you should know first before you bring a beagle into your life. In addition, here is a wonderful article to read on Considering a Beagle.

  • Beagles need lots of exercise. They are NOT a lazy breed and if left alone they will cause trouble. Plan on walking your beagle every day. In addition to walking, jogging or running, you'll need to take your dog somewhere safe (fenced doggie park) where he/she can run and play and interact with other dogs. Beagles are extremely social and HATE to be left alone and will get into trouble. But if you've given them enough exercise, they'll probably sleep most of the time that you're not home.
  • Beagles need training. Beagles are smart and quick to learn, especially if there's food involved. However, they are extremely strong-willed and can be stubborn at times, so they need good, consistent training to become acceptable members of the family.

    A good way to start your training is by crate-training your beagle. Here's a good site which gives tips and tricks on crate-training: American Dog Trainer's Network. Crate-training will save your furniture, your carpet, and anything else that you don't want your dog to ruin. Crate-training is fairly easy to do and it really does work. Think of the crate as a dog's little 'apartment', not his 'cage'. You'll feel more comfortable about it. And dog's like to have their own private den where they can go to feel safe. It will also help with house-training your beagle.

    It's also a good idea to look into professional training help by signing up for obedience classes or purchasing a training video. Sirius Puppy Training by Ian Dunbar is an excellent training tape and will help you no matter what kind of dog you get or how old it is. Also, check out your local obedience clubs for classes. All dogs need a MINIMUM of 16 weeks of obedience lessons. Look in the yellow pages of the phone book for Dog Training Clubs. The classes are cheaper and the instructors are MUCH better than you'll find at a pet store.
  • Beagles must be leashed when out. Beagles are explorers by nature. They were originally bred to be rabbit hunters, so they have a very developed sense of smell. Sometimes, when beagles catch a scent, instinct takes over and they may run after whatever it is they've smelled without regard to their safety. Beagles are not street smart, so they run the risk of endangering themselves when they run away. Do not allow this to happen to your beagle. Make sure to 'beagle-proof' your yard by providing adequate fencing and keep your beagle leashed at all times when away from your home. Doing so, you will surely save your beagle's life.


Why Spay?

There are many medical and behavioral benefits in having your female dog or cat spayed.

 1. Easier for you.

   - Eliminates messy "heat" periods.
   - Eliminates the scent that attracts annoying males.
   - Eliminates the frantic pacing and crying while in heat (cats are especially vocal).
   - Reduced dog license fees will quickly cover the cost of the operation.

 2. Healthier for your pet.

    - Eliminates the problems and risks of pregnancy and birth.
   - Eliminates the common problems of cancer and infection of the uterus later in life.
   - Decreases the possibility of mammary tumors.
 3. Reduces the overpopulation problem.

     - Rids you of the worry of what to do with unplanned litters of puppies and kittens.
   - One female dog or cat can be responsible for 4,372 offspring in just seven years.

 4. Eliminates the sexual frustration.

     - Decreases your pet's desire to roam in search of a mate, reducing the risks associated
       with free-roaming
animals (hit by a car, etc).
   - A spayed female is a more relaxed and loyal member of your family.

 1. Spaying will make her fat.

   NOT TRUE. Spaying your pet will not make her fat or lazy. Too much food and not enough
     exercise is the
 main cause of obesity.

 2. She should have one litter first.

     NOT TRUE. It is actually better for her NOT to have a litter or heat period before being
     spayed. She can be spayed safely at 6 months of age.

 3. I will find good homes for my puppies and kittens.

   NOT TRUE. You may be able to place your puppies and kittens, but are they all "good"
     homes? Remember,
each time you place one from your litter, somewhere else an animal is
     being killed because there was no
home for him. Right now in the United States alone, 15
     million animals are being euthanized each year!


 Why Neuter?

 There are many medical and behavioral benefits in having your male dog or cat neutered.

 1. Easier for you.

     - Usually stops tomcats from "spraying" foul smelling urine.
   - Reduces the annoying and embarassing urge of male dogs to "mount" people's legs.
   - Reduced dog license fees will quickly cover the cost of the operation.
   - Reduces agression against other animals.

 2. Healthier for your pet.

     - Without the urge to seek out females, your pet runs fewer risks associated with
roaming animals (hit by a car, etc).
   - Reduces the risk of prostrate problems and testicular tumors later in life.

 3. Reduces the pet overpopulation problem.

     - One male running loose for just a few hours can impregnate many females, adding to the
        serious problem
 of unwanted puppies and kittens.

 4. Eliminates the sexual frustration.

     - A frustrated male can break down doors and jump fences in his desire to mate while a
       neutered pet is a more relaxed and loyal member of your family.


 1. Neutering will take away the "guard dog" instincts.

     NOT TRUE. Neutering a dog does not reduce his ability as a guard dog. He will still be as
     protective of his territory as he was before the surgery.

 2. Neutering will make him fat.

   NOT TRUE. Neutering does not make your pet fat or lazy. Too much food and not enough
     exercise is the
 main cause of obesity.

 3. Neutering will hurt him.

   NOT TRUE. Neutering is a safe and relatively painless operation done by a licensed      veterinarian. Your pet will appreciate the freedom from sexual frustration.