Our mission is to help beagles find loving homes throughout the Northern California region and provide education to current and potential beagle owners about this marvelous, challenging breed.

We work hard to find homes for unwanted beagles. We also strive to help members of the Bay Area community find access to spay and neuter programs for their pets.

The Sleepover Program

Before a beagle is adopted, he/she is placed in a potential adoptive home for a trial period, or sleepover, of one to two weeks. If the sleepover trial period works out, the beagle is officialy adopted out and paperwork is signed. When a beagle is listed as being on a sleepover, they are no longer available for adoption, but other interested families may inquire about them and request to be notified if the sleepover does not work out. If the sleepover does not work, the dog is returned to the original owner/foster and is then available for adoption once again.