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A New Beginning for Otis

Our lives changed a little less than a month ago when David and I picked up Otis from his foster family at a shopping center in West Sacramento. I was very excited about meeting him as my husband and I had been “beagleless” for a little more than three years.

As Otis and I settled down in the back seat of our car for the trip home, I knew he was a keeper. When he put his head on my lap, I melted. I had told NorCal Beagle Rescue that I wanted an affectionate dog that would keep me company while my husband, who travels a lot, is away. I felt certain that Otis would fit the bill.

Once in Danville and before returning home, we took Otis to Pet Food Express for some supplies. While there I took the liberty to get a tag for Otis to wear with our address and telephone number on it. Upon return home, I promptly emailed NorCal Beagle Rescue and told them they could consider Otis “adopted” and they could cash the check we had left with the foster family. The intention of taking Otis home was supposed to be a sleepover for two weeks at the end of which the determination could be made whether things were working out and Otis would be ours. However, having had beagles all my life, I knew this was a special dog that needed a stable home.

Over the next week, Otis settled in very quickly. As each day went by, we got to know a little more about this wonderful beagle boy. It was almost as if he were on his good behaviour at first and was able to relax a little more as each day went by. I’ll never forget the morning that Otis stayed on the living room chair while I went upstairs to take a shower. I remember feeling a little disappointed and at the same time happy that he was feeling “at home” enough to stay.
Each day brought a small change in his behavior. He got on his bed the third day we had him, even though I had already showed it to him. Now he usually climbs on it after he has his morning treat. He also began to bury his “Greenies” and “pigs ears” in various parts of the house. It was quite amusing to me as I had not thought about this behavior for several years. Another thing that I noticed he did was to begin eating his breakfast or dinner by picking up several pieces of kibble and spreading them on the kitchen floor. After finishing the food in the dish, he always eats the pieces on the floor.

As of this writing, Otis is at a kennel in Walnut Creek. This is the same kennel that we took our other two beagles to for at least 12 years until it was more comfortable for them to stay at home and have someone stay with them while we were away. Being aware of Otis’s history of being shuffled around, we were very careful to get him familiar with the kennel and its owners. Previous to boarding him, I had taken him to obedience classes as well as day care (at different lengths of time) at this kennel. I hope this has made the kennel stay less stressful for him and perhaps aware that this stay is only temporary.

Before we got Otis I heard that when someone gets a rescue dog, the dog spends the rest of it’s life thanking you for it. At this point I’m not sure who is more thankful - Otis or David and myself. I do know that he is a very, very special beagle boy who became part of our family in record time!

- Diana Wilcoxson

Harvey the Blind Beagle

I was lucky enough to be given a second chance when Northern California Beagle Rescue adopted me from the shelter. I was suffering from glaucoma and had suffered infections in both eyes. Unfortunately, my eyes had to be removed and my new foster mom wasn't sure whether she would be able to find me the perfect home. I became quite attached to her, so it was hard for her to let me go when the perfect family was finally found.

My new family found me on the NCBR website. They fell in love with my picture and contacted my foster mom through email.
On March 7, 2008, I met my new family and they took me home. They were expecting me to be a lot more work than a sighted dog, but I surprised them by adjusting to my new home with virtually no problems. I needed a little more help getting used to where they keep all the furniture at my new home, but after a couple of days I got the hang of it. They were surprised at how trusting, loving,
and affectionate I was even though I didn't know them yet. I was already potty trained and slept all through the night.

I now live in Santa Rosa with my Seeing Eye dog Woody. He's a big 80 pound golden retriever. I also have two Seeing Eye cats named Oliver & Sasha. I have three Seeing Eye persons in my new family. I have a ten year old little girl named Katy who helps take care of me, and a terrific mom and dad who talk me for walks several times a day. They renamed me Homer (after the blind poet). Mom calls me Mr. Beagles sometimes. They let me sleep with them every night and can't imagine life without me. My little girl Katy loves me so much that she decided to donate part of her allowance to NCBR in my honor. She wants them to help more animals like to me to find permanent and loving homes. A heartfelt thanks to Northern California Beagle Rescue, Eva, and Suzie for giving me the second chance that all dogs deserve.

- Homer

Mia gets a Sister!

Remember Mia? We adopted her about 5 years ago and now she has a sister, Chloe, who has joined the pack. Chloe came to us from beagle rescue, but she never showed up on the website. Chloe is about 17 months old and still very much in the puppy stage. She has been fun to have around. She and Mia play a lot and Mia has lost a little extra weight as a result. Chloe is very attached to Mia and we think they will continue to bond as Chloe settles into adulthood. They have distinct personalities, but share common beagle traits. Mia is the tan and white beagle and Chloe is the tri-color. Is there a third beagle in our future? Who knows!

~ Dawn

“Here is the one we didn’t let get away!”

I have been a foster home for beagles and their friends since 2005. I think I have helped find homes for more then 100 dogs. It is a rewarding profession to be volunteering in and the fact that I LOVE beagles is the bonus!! I would love to own hundreds of beagles on a huge ranch and have all of them singing all at once, happy to be free and loved!!!

This story is about one beagle boy that came to us as owner surrender, in August 2008. He was just one year old and his owner knew that many hours stuck in his crate while he worked, was not fair for this fine beagle fellow. His first owner reluctantly made the decision to surrender him to us in the Northern California Animal Rescue Friends group.

When he came with this cute beagle boy to my home, I was “In love” right away. This beagle boy was gorgeous. The most beautiful, fine beagle specimen I have seen in a long time. Once we got this little fellow settled, I turned to my husband and said, “We can’t let this guy go!” “He needs to be here, home with us!” So we thought about it and I finally got the OK from my husband that he thought that same thing. This little fellow is now home! I put the adoption proceedings into motion and now he is ours! Meet LOUIE! The finest one year old beagle boy!!

Of course all of our girl beagles think he is cute. Even the older girls are ok with this young “Buck” beagle. So Louie is home to stay, an unexpected treat for us who have seen so many wonderful beagles cross our path, any one of them would have been a great dog to keep. Louie just had that magical spark that caught both our eyes!!

Welcome Home Louie boy!!!

~Judy Barnhart

Rosie the Diamond

I am Rosie, the Beagle formerly known as Diamond, and this, my friends, is my story. I am a gorgeous beagle (I know because my mommy tells me all the time), who live in the lap of luxury (well for a dog anyway). Some people wanted me to write my Happy Tail, but I thought you would rather hear my story of Beagle Fabulosity, a sort of Beagle rescue to family story.

My new family had lost their beloved dog Kona. Kona was a Labrador Retriever, and he was 13. My mommy said she swore

off anymore animals because of the shedding and really just not wanting to take on another dogger. Well that lasted about a week she said. Coming home to no four legged creatures (of my beauty of course) was really hard on her. She missed the unconditional love that only a dog can give. So she talked to Daddy and told him she always wanted a beagle, and just my luck, I am a beagle! So she went on to the rescue site and got in touch with Susan who united us. We of course had our sniff each other out meeting first, then less than a week later on Labor Day to be exact, I got to go home. Mom laughed about the 2 week sleepover period, because by day 2 she was so in love with me, I knew I was in for good! She kept my Diamond name tag though because she is doing an all about Rosie Scrapbook!

The first week, was a challenge… I was really really shy. I didn’t want to be left alone at home at all, I mean, Hello? Strange house??? So Mommy talked to her boss (aka Papa) and I have been going to work with her ever since. I have a really hard job at the office, I have to sleep in all 5 of my favorite places daily! Nana has treats in her office in the lower right hand drawer, and I remind her daily that is where they are in case she has forgotten!

Home is my castle. Mommy calls me her little princess, which of course I fit the bill 100%. I have my favorite sleep spots, left side of the couch, the right side of the couch, the foot of Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and Maddie’s (my older sister) bed. I visit Camden’s (my younger sister) room, but she is such a lover, I sometimes have to escape for a little “me time”. I think I have perfected “me time” as I go monthly to my favorite spa for my aromatherapy bath treatments (aka grooming). Mom likes going there too, because there are plenty of beagle sized clothes. She even got me snow boots so when we go to the snow, these paws stay warm and pristine!

The dog park is one of my favorite haunts! I have no idea why the call it a dog park though, I have yet to see a dog there! Just my furry friends. What is a dog anyway? I love to sniff out and roll in the best spots, and check out the St. Bernards because well… They are a little funny looking in a huge kind of way. Their heads, get this, are as big as I am! I felt like I was on Fraggle Rock when I first saw one!

The hardest part of my day is taking my girls to school. We drive over there, they tell me good bye and hop out. I call after them but they just turn and wave. I wonder when beagles will be allowed to attend school? Beagles we need to unite! They have huge sandboxes and all kinds of stuff we can get into! The best part is when we go pick them up!!! M girls get into the car, and it is a licking love fest! I love my girls! I love my new life! And I really love Susan with the Beagle Rescue for helping me find my new Castle!


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