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California - San Jose Feb 24
Bindi (age 7) and Lucy (age 9) – bonded pair
Sex: female

Does your home feel empty without the familiar patter of paws against the floor, the urgent kisses and sweetest aroos greeting you at the door? Meet Bindi and Lucy, the sweetest pair of beagle and beagle mix girls to come into our foster care. They grew up as sisters, are very attached to each other and should be adopted together. Sadly, their mommy passed away so they are now looking for their new forever home.

Bindi and Lucy are extremely loving and affectionate and will need a family that will embrace their sweet dispositions. They are extremely loyal and will stay close to their humans, sometimes even crawling into their foster parents’ laps. When they aren’t nudging you with their noses or rolling onto their backs for belly rubs, they enjoy exploring curious scents in the backyard.

Bindi and Lucy are housebroken, get along with other dogs and use a dog door with ease. They get very excited for walks but also luxuriate in lazy naps throughout the day. They are not interested in toys but like typical beagles, are very intrigued by delicious aromas in the kitchen.

If you are looking for irresistibly sweet girls to bring light and joy to your days, contact their foster mom, Lan, to learn how you can adopt them.

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California - Sacramento Feb 19
Wiggles Adoption PENDING
Age: 6mos
Sex: female

Please meet Miss Wiggles! We will be the first to admit, we’re not sure of her mix; however, what we do know is that she is as cute as can be!

Wiggles came our way after she ended up in a shelter as a stray. We were asked to assist as she was very sick, so she quickly came our way and went directly to the wonderful vet that we use for dogs in our care. Thankfully, with medication prescribed, Wiggles soon started feeling better and is now 100% recovered and thriving!

Wiggles is super smart and her foster mom is working on all kinds of commands with her. Some of the commands she knows are “sit, down, roll over, all done, go to your crate, and many others too.” She is eager to please and is having fun learning new things. Wiggles will make a great addition to any family that is willing to keep up with her training. She also has not had much experience yet walking outside on a leash, so this will be a work in progress for her.

Wiggles also absolutely loves playing with her toys and as her foster mom says “letting the wiggle monster out” which is just getting all of her normal crazy puppy energy out. Although Wiggles does use a crate when her foster mom is away from the home, Wiggles most favorite place to sleep is on the bed at night, so a family that would welcome this would be a plus for Wiggles.

Like all puppies, Wiggles needs a family who will enjoy the antics that all puppies bring, as well as the time for a puppy to love, learn, and grow. Dog experiences is preferable and if you would like more information about adopting Wiggles, please contact Eva.

Contact Eva at

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California - Fremont Jan 11
Puggle's - Adoption Pending
Age: 1.5 yr

These 1.5 yr old brother and sister Puggle's are in need of a new home. They have been well cared for, obedience trained, housebroken and well socialized. Their owner passed away last week due to COVID and the only other relative is her husband who had a stroke in November and is bedridden. The dogs will be placed together.

If you know anyone that would like this pair please contact Linea 510-579-5850. Please share.

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Contact Linea 510-579-5850