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California - Santa Cruz June 23
Age: 13 yrs
Sex: female


We have a 13 year old Beagle mix here at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter that is in need of placement. Her name is Mocha and she has a long history with us here at the shelter. In the past she was brought in multiple times as a stray, or protective custody after her owner was arrested. The last time she was here she was placed up for adoption and has been in that adoptive home since. Sadly, our Animal Control Officers were contacted today by Law Enforcement to assist after finding her owner deceased in her home. Mocha had been in the home with her deceased owner for 22 days, and was still bright eyed and bushy tailed to see some new people in her home. She has lost a significant amount of weight, and will need some slow refeeding to get back to a healthy weight.

We would like to find her placement for a few reasons. Her age and potential medical conditions as well her original owner, who we do not want to have any contact with. As I mentioned she is wonderful and loves every person she meets, but she is not fond of other dogs, and cant be in a home with any others. This has been her personality from the beginning.

I know that poses some challenges with placing her, but we are hoping for the best. Ive included two photos below. The first one is when she was last here-where she was overweight. The second one is from yesterday ☹

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850

California - Yuba City or Fairfield Area Oct 24

Urgent transport!

Needed for this mom and her two babies, they are currently in Yuba city and need to be out of the county within the next two days.

The shelter has a volunteer that could get them as far as Fairfield. We need someone that can pick them up in Fairfield and drop them off in San Jose at Boulevard Pet Hospital.

Please contact Linea if you can help 510-579-5850.

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850

California - Concord Aug 8
Age: 8 yrs
Sex: male

Please meet Indy! We estimate that hes probably 8 years old and when he came into our care he was neutered and had a benign growth removed from his neck. Indy is doing very well in his foster home, and he is a very sweet guy who gets along with other dogs (unknown about cats), loves to explore outside and would do very well in a home with a doggy door for easy access to explore in a secure backyard. He also enjoys taking walks, loves to be petted, and enjoys playing with toys in his foster home.

Indy is a very gentle soul with soft expressive eyes and would love a home with people to love and spoil him! Hes pretty easy going but does have a beagle bark when he wants food or your attention. Indy would also do best in a single-story home as too many stairs up and down would tire him.

Please contact Eva if you would like to adopt sweet Indy!

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California - Sacramento Oct 27
Age: 9 yrs
Sex: male


My name is Toulooze and I am a full red tick beagle. I was born in Fresno, Ca by a wonderful older lady who was a breeder on August 20th, 2015. I am in need of an amazing family/person that will give me extra love and attention that I need. My family current loves me a lot, but since the baby runs the house, it is hard for me to get my walks and extra love/attention that I need. I only bark/howl when my owners come home or when someone comes to play with me, because I am SO excited. I love people, dogs, kids, food, and getting walks. I have never bit anyone or any dogs. Instead, I give lots and lots of kisses. I love to cuddle, get hugs, and having my ears scratched. I enjoy my toys so much that I never chew on anything else. I know how to use a doggie door and I can go to the bathroom outside. When I was a puppy, I was crate trained, but now I lay on the couch and wait for my owners to come home.

My stomach is sensitive, so I am on Senior Simply Nourish Dry Dog Food. My owners took a lot of time to finally find a dog food that works with my stomach. I love treats and sometimes get into trouble because I like to eat the garbage. Even though I know how to use a dog door, sometimes I go to the bathroom inside, when I am mad at my owners for not walking me or when they leave me alone for too long.

I love to play with my toys, be silly, be around people, go for walks and I love to cuddle up and watch a movie. I am great at being active, but also being chill. Even though I have some flaws, I am an amazing dog. I have been with one owner my whole life and I hope to find another family that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Please contact Eva if you would like to adopt Toulooze.

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California - Fremont Nov 30
Age: 1 yr
Sex: female

Looking for a foster home or adoptive family

Tally is a one-year-old possible Puggle that weighs 22 pounds. She looks identical to a beagle with the exception of slightly shorter ears and shes black!

She is full of personality and her tail wags constantly! She loves everyone that she meets and would make a wonderful family pet. She is very athletic and playful and would do best in a home that had a yard and another playful dog would be a huge bonus! Tally would thrive in a home that like to go walking/hiking or running. She also is the ideal couch, companion for hanging out. She is crate, trained, housebroken, and rides perfectly in the car!

We do not have any background on her; she was rescued from a shelter in the Central Valley.

If you are interested in additional information, please contact the Foster Mom directly at 510-579-5850.

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850