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California - Bay Area Aug 3
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We are always in need of foster homes to help us take in these precious dogs. If you have space in your home for one dog, please contact us so that we can go over the details. All medical expenses are covered for your foster dog if any is needed. Just provide a place to sleep in, food and water and especially lots of love and training.

Foster care can be short term as well or even long term. We have had some families adopt their foster dog after a few weeks. This is a great way to test to see if a dog is a great fit for you and your family.

Please contact Eva for more information. Thank you.

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California - San Jose Oct 27
Age: 7yrs
Sex: female

Are you looking for an affectionate beagle to brighten your days and illuminate your nights? This beautiful lemon girl wants to be your sun and your moon!

One look at my gorgeous face and soul-baring eyes and youíll realize just how special I am. Extremely friendly and warm, I relish kisses and embraces. Massage my ears, scratch my head, rub my belly and I whine with glee. I enjoy being near my humans and will follow you from room to room. Youíll never feel lonely with me.

Sometimes I entertain myself with toys and get so excited tossing them around that I have the zoomies. Then Iíll want to play with my foster siblings but they are old and confused by my excited bark. Sometimes I just like exploring the backyard and looking for birds and squirrels.

I am house trained, use a dog door, walk well on a leash and know how to sit and stay. I am very food motivated and will hover in the kitchen while you cook. When youíre not looking (but also when you are), I will counter surf so itís best if food is kept out of reach.

I do have a little separation anxiety so itís best my forever home has other dogs or parents with flexible work schedules. I will cry when you leave but will eventually settle down and squeal with delight when you return. Youíll always feel special with me.

If you are interested in learning how to adopt me, contact my foster mom, Lan.

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California - Reno Oct 14
Age: 6yrs
Sex: female

Owner Assisted Placement

Odette is affectionate and loves attention. She likes to sleep on her blanket, adores small stuffed animals, sometimes likes to play with the ball, and can sit on command. She is easily won over with small treats like Cheerios and does not jump on the furniture. She alerts you to someone at your door and uses a dog door, but itís helpful to let her out. She has had all her shots and her teeth were cleaned six months ago.

Odette needs to be in a home where she is the only dog. She does not like to share food or treats with other dogs. She is people friendly and likes men and women, but she has no history of being around children. She is used to the people in her household going to work, so being alone is not a problem, and she does not bark when she is alone.

Please contact Cheryl if you would like to adopt Odette.

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Contact Cheryl email: