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California - Chico Feb 4
Benny -Adoption Pending
Age: 12 yrs
Sex: male

Time Sensitive – Adoptive of Foster Home Needed

Benny is a beautiful 12-year-old beagle. He is neutered, current on vaccines, and microchipped. Sadly, his owners are experiencing health concerns and can no longer care for Benny.

His owner provided the following information about Benny.

Benny the Beagle

“Benny was only 8 weeks old when adopted. Mom & Dad took him home, put him down under the lemon tree, said “go potty”, & he did, and every time he was asked thereafter. After a while he was introduced to the doggy door. He has never gone potty in the house except for one” excited accident” when Dad returned home from a long trip.

He is well mannered & not destructive. He does not require a great deal of care, just a lot of love & companionship. Benny has always lived in the country with a cat and 12 free ranging Road Island Red chickens that he was very fond of, but would quickly adapt to town life as well. Benny has never met a person he didn’t love. He is a kind, tender & gentle soul & loves children (he was trained to be soft mouthed, although it really came naturally to him). He is a deeply devoted and empathetic soul. When Mom was recovering from major cancer surgery, he never left her side, and he senses your aches & pains.

Mom & Dad divorced after retirement. Dad kept Benny & Mom kept their little shih tzu. and moved about 20 miles away. Everyone’s hearts ached, but Benny took very good care of Dad, who needed him.

Dad’s memory, & cognition began deteriorating & he developed congestive heart failure, COPD , is on oxygen, and began falling multiple times per month. Recently he was discovered unconscious by neighbors and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Benny’s water & food bowls were empty & there was no dog food in the house. The neighbors located Mom & took Benny to her. Dad is no longer able to take care of himself, let alone poor little Benny. Mom loves Benny dearly, but, heartbreakingly, she is not allowed to have a 2nd dog, cannot afford to move, & is disabled and not able take him for walks or care for him properly. So, sadly, little Benny the Beagle has become an orphan and needs a new forever home.

This sweet little guy has a heart big enough to love the whole world, and the deepest, kindest eyes you have ever seen. He loves to sit by your side or lay on the floor with his baby blanket and his head on your feet. He has always had stuffed doggy stairs so he could get up to sleep on the foot of the bed, but will settle for a doggy bed & his blanket on the floor, as long as he can be close to you so he knows you are safe. He lives to please you and wants nothing more of this world than to love and be loved. If you have room in your heart to share with Benny, he will return your kindness tenfold.”

Pictures coming soon.

Please contact Eva if you are able to adopt or foster Benny.

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California - San Jose Jan 24
Sydney Adoption Pending
Age: 12 yrs
Sex: female

I am the sweetest little lap dog you’ll ever meet! Weighing just 15 pounds, you won’t be able to resist the urge to pick me up and hold me close. Speak lovingly to me, stroke my ears and face and I’ll stare longingly into your eyes. It helps me forget that I was surrendered not too long ago. I don’t know why as I am a healthy and well-behaved girl.

I might be considered a senior but I am spry, enjoy walks and can easily jump up and down the sofa. I love snuggling and getting attention and will paw you for more. I may get so relaxed that I’ll close my eyes and fall asleep against you. I am not a needy girl though as I can settle in any chair and make myself comfortable.

I am house trained, use a dog door, walk well on a leash and know how to sit and stay. I am not interested in toys but like any beagle, I am interested in food and will politely watch you eat. It’s a bonus if you fall for my sad puppy eyes and share a yummy morsel.

I can’t wait to meet my forever family so we can shower each other with mutual adoration. They will either have a flexible work schedule or another dog to keep me company.

If you are interested in learning how to adopt me, contact my foster mom, Lan.

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California - Bay Area Jan 7
Age: 4.5 yrs
Sex: female



FEY • Hound Mix • Female, Spayed • 4.5 years • 65lbs
Fey is hound at heart - expressive, funny, sassy, and sweet. She is playful - loves toys, puzzles, doing zoomies in the house & yard. She will toss up a toy for herself and engage in play with humans - her mannerisms are quite hilarious. She is house-trained & settles when left alone. She loves walks & hikes. Rides beautifully in the car. She will counter-surf! She’s a big-talker and will hold whole conversations with you. She does not guard her food, toys, or chewys at all.

Fey loves walks, hiking, and runs and loves going on adventures! She rides well in the car!
She walks well on a front-attaching harness but if she sees a squirrel, cat, etc. she needs to be redirected with treats to focus or else she will try to chase & pull. She can sometimes be barky towards other dogs on leash, but not always and she does great when meeting dogs off-leash and enjoys the dog parks and dog hikes.

Fey is not an urban city girl but that’s no surprise as she grew up in a residential area and didn’t get exposure to hustle and bustle. She's doing great in a residential area. She would do well as a solo dog, or with a buddy that is well-matched and has lived with other dogs.

Fey can get over-aroused when startled by someone new in her home. Currently, visitors can grab a handful of treats before knocking on the door, and Fey is easily won over. She will need continued management with training & impulse-control around greeting people as she can get quite spooked. If she is spooked in general, she can get defensive until she’s redirected or can investigate.

She prefers that her personal space is respected when she's sleeping and because of this, a home without kids will be best. She’s happy to sleep on a comfy dog bed, so that may be a good option for her full-time.

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California - Oakland Dec 30
Age: 11 yrs
Sex: male


Jack is a distinguished gentleman beagle mix that weighs under 17 pounds.

He is a sweet and friendly boy, who loves nothing more than snuggling up next to you or on your lap. He has the softest, fluffiest fur, probably due to the 12% Pomeranian identified in his breed test. (Also, 38% chihuahua and 50% beagle.)

He would love a canine buddy and/or human who works from home. He will follow you from room to room, just waiting for your lap to become available again. He does howl and whine if left alone and loves to table surf when no one is watching. He is perfectly behaved with kids and assertive cats. (He is very interested in cats, but if they bop him on the nose once, he learns his lesson and is perfectly respectful.)

He is housetrained, walks well on a leash, and even knows how to shake! He is a wanderer, so best to keep him on leash. He does love long walks and sniffing everything there is to be sniffed.

Jack is in great health. He recently had all his teeth removed due to poor care earlier in life, and has been happier since. (This means that his tongue slips out the side, which is adorable, and also that he needs to eat soft food only.) He had slightly low thyroid levels on his most recent bloodwork, which are being monitored as that may have been related to tooth infection. He is on a couple of pain meds for his back and left hip, which he takes easily with his food.

Jack is such a good and loyal boy, a cuddlebug, and just desperately needs a new crew to love him. If you want joy, companionship, and utter devotion in your life, Jack is your guy!

Please contact Mary if you are interested in him.

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Contact Mary at (510) 301-8996

California - Sacramento Feb 4
Odin - Adoption Pending
Age: 2 yrs
Sex: male

Owner Assisted Placement

Odin is in need of a new home due to a change in his owner's work schedule (increase in hours and no longer working from home). As a result, Odin spends most of his time inside in his crate as opposed to being able to spend it with his owner. His owner wants the very best for Odin and has come to the heartfelt decision to find Odin a new home. Odin is a very sweet beagle who is great with kids, loves others dogs, and is overall a great beagle boy. He is on the smaller side and has some impairments with his sight. Before Odin was born there was an infection in the womb that dissolved one of his eyes and left him partially blind in his remaining eye. This does not impact his life at all, as he is a very happy adventurous beagle and will be a loving, loyal companion to his new family. Odin is also neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Please contact Eva if you would like to welcome Odin into your family.

Pictures coming soon.

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California - Danville Feb 4
Age: 7-8 yrs
Sex: male

Please meet Indy! He was saved from shelter euthanasia just in the nick of time. We estimate that he’s probably 7-8 years old and when he came into our care he was neutered and had a growth removed from his neck. Indy is healing very well and he is a very sweet guy who gets along with other dogs (unknown about cats), loves to explore outside and would do very well in a home with a doggy door for easy access to explore in a secure backyard. He also enjoys taking walks, loves to be petted, and enjoys playing with toys in his foster home.

Indy is a very gentle soul with soft expressive eyes and would love a home with people to love and spoil him! He’s pretty easy going but does have a beagle bark when he wants food or your attention. Indy would also do best in a single-story home as too many stairs up and down would tire him.

Adoption fee applies so please reach out to Karin if you’re interested in adopting Indy!

Pictures coming soon

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Contact Karin at 925-699-3760