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California - Fremont March 15
Rosie and Max
Age: 6 Years and 4 ˝ Years Old

Rosie and Max are a mother and son pair that are looking for a home together and when we heard their story we took them right into our rescue. These two came our way after their owner had quadruple bypass and is no longer able to care for them; he loved his dogs very much and we want to keep them together. They are housebroken, crate trained, ride well in a car and are well socialized. They love to go for walks so it would be fantastic if their new family enjoyed hiking and taking walks. We are uncertain as to how they would be with small children so kids over the age of eight is best. Rosie is approximately six years old and Max is almost 4 1/2 years old. We will not split them up so the adopting family would need to have room in their lives for a bonded pair. They both have wonderful dispositions and are very personable. If you’re looking for a great pair of dogs please contact Linea.

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Contact Linea 510-579-5850

California - Fremont Jan 11
Puggle's - Adoption Pending
Age: 1.5 yr

These 1.5 yr old brother and sister Puggle's are in need of a new home. They have been well cared for, obedience trained, housebroken and well socialized. Their owner passed away last week due to COVID and the only other relative is her husband who had a stroke in November and is bedridden. The dogs will be placed together.

If you know anyone that would like this pair please contact Linea 510-579-5850. Please share.

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Contact Linea 510-579-5850