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California - Fremont March 23
Age: 4 months
Sex: female

Meet Riley, a sweet, playful, active female Beagle mix puppy born on 11/11/2022. We are uncertain as to how big she will be when full-grown, so it is important that if she should grow to 40+ pounds, it would not be an issue. She was 12.9 lbs. on Feb. 6. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is current on her shots.

Puppies need a stay-at-home parent to train them. Another dog to play with and keep her company is desirable, and a secure backyard is necessary. No exceptions! No apartments, condos, or homes without a secure backyard will be considered. Children over the age of eight would be great, and a home with dog/puppy experience would be ideal because raising puppies requires knowledge, experience, and a lot of work. Riley is as crate, house, and leash trained as much as one could expect of a 4-month-old pup.

If you would like additional information on Riley, please contact Elaine at 510-651-5928 (landline), or e-mail and include information about your home, family including your children, your dog, stay-at-home person and include your phone number.

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Contact Elaine at (510) 651-5928

California - Bay Area Jan 7
Age: 4.5 yrs
Sex: female



FEY • Hound Mix • Female, Spayed • 4.5 years • 65lbs
Fey is hound at heart - expressive, funny, sassy, and sweet. She is playful - loves toys, puzzles, doing zoomies in the house & yard. She will toss up a toy for herself and engage in play with humans - her mannerisms are quite hilarious. She is house-trained & settles when left alone. She loves walks & hikes. Rides beautifully in the car. She will counter-surf! She’s a big-talker and will hold whole conversations with you. She does not guard her food, toys, or chewys at all.

Fey loves walks, hiking, and runs and loves going on adventures! She rides well in the car!
She walks well on a front-attaching harness but if she sees a squirrel, cat, etc. she needs to be redirected with treats to focus or else she will try to chase & pull. She can sometimes be barky towards other dogs on leash, but not always and she does great when meeting dogs off-leash and enjoys the dog parks and dog hikes.

Fey is not an urban city girl but that’s no surprise as she grew up in a residential area and didn’t get exposure to hustle and bustle. She's doing great in a residential area. She would do well as a solo dog, or with a buddy that is well-matched and has lived with other dogs.

Fey can get over-aroused when startled by someone new in her home. Currently, visitors can grab a handful of treats before knocking on the door, and Fey is easily won over. She will need continued management with training & impulse-control around greeting people as she can get quite spooked. If she is spooked in general, she can get defensive until she’s redirected or can investigate.

She prefers that her personal space is respected when she's sleeping and because of this, a home without kids will be best. She’s happy to sleep on a comfy dog bed, so that may be a good option for her full-time.

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California - San Francisco Feb 4
Age: 2 yrs
Sex: male

Owner Assisted Placement

Odin is in need of a new home due to a change in his owner's work schedule (increase in hours and no longer working from home). As a result, Odin spends most of his time inside in his crate as opposed to being able to spend it with his owner. His owner wants the very best for Odin and has come to the heartfelt decision to find Odin a new home. Odin is a very sweet beagle who is great with kids, loves others dogs, and is overall a great beagle boy. He is on the smaller side and has some impairments with his sight. Before Odin was born there was an infection in the womb that dissolved one of his eyes and left him partially blind in his remaining eye. This does not impact his life at all, as he is a very happy adventurous beagle and will be a loving, loyal companion to his new family. Odin is also neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Please contact Eva if you would like to welcome Odin into your family.

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California - Milpitas March 14
Age: 13 yrs
Sex: female


Hello! My name is Scarlet. I am a 13 year old, 18 pound, spayed female beagle and am looking for my new forever home.

I have lived with my current owner for all 13 year of my life. I love to be active and have a playful spirit even at 13 years old. It can get me into trouble me at times, but I love adventures, and I’m up for as many walks and outing as you like. Afterwards, I will crash for hours and love to snuggle up with you or go in my crate or bed as well. I love people and prefer to be in the middle of all that is going on.

I am house trained, but with age has come the need to go out more frequently. My owner uses doggie diapers, if she needs to be gone for the day, just in case. I used to have a doggie door, which worked really well for my aging bathroom needs.

I am a healthy 13 year old, but do have a few medical things you should know about. I developed a heart murmur 4-5 years ago. It is pretty significant, but doesn’t seem to bother me too much for the time being. I am up to date on all immunizations, but am due for a teeth cleaning, as the murmur makes my current owner nervous about anesthesia. I also have a couple of tumors on my back. They are benign and do not bother me except to itch sometimes. I have lost a good bit of my hearing, but it doesn’t effect anything except when called by name.

Unfortunately, my owner has to move in a very short period of time with very little notice, and can not bring me along, much to her grief and frustration. She and I are hoping I get to find and spend the rest of my golden years with my new family. Please reach out with any question to Alice at 336-880-7075.

Thank you!

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Contact Alice at 336-880-7075

California - Danville Feb 4
Age: 7-8 yrs
Sex: male

Please meet Indy! He was saved from shelter euthanasia just in the nick of time. We estimate that he’s probably 7-8 years old and when he came into our care he was neutered and had a growth removed from his neck. Indy is healing very well and he is a very sweet guy who gets along with other dogs (unknown about cats), loves to explore outside and would do very well in a home with a doggy door for easy access to explore in a secure backyard. He also enjoys taking walks, loves to be petted, and enjoys playing with toys in his foster home.

Indy is a very gentle soul with soft expressive eyes and would love a home with people to love and spoil him! He’s pretty easy going but does have a beagle bark when he wants food or your attention. Indy would also do best in a single-story home as too many stairs up and down would tire him.

Adoption fee applies so please reach out to Karin if you’re interested in adopting Indy!

Pictures coming soon

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Contact Karin at 925-699-3760

California - Fremont March 6
Sex: male



Joey surgery was a success. He gets his staples taken out around the 24th of March.

He'll be ready to find his forever home in two weeks. If anyone is interested in giving this little guy a Please contact Linea at 510-579-5850.

Thank you all who have donated so far and please help us share the link so that we try to get this expense paid off faster.

We started this campaign page for a little beagle terrier mix that we rescued from the Central Valley two days ago. He is currently at Sage veterinarian clinic and needed an emergency cystotomy and the bill is going to be $7000. This little boy is as sweet as he can be and wants to snuggle into anyone's lap. Due to the nature of this condition, it can't wait and he needs surgery immediately because the bladder has pushed into his intestines and he's unable to defecate at this point.

Sharing and donations are greatly appreciated. We are a non-profit organization and every donation will receive a tax donation receipt.

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Contact Linea at 510-579-5850